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Our school was founded in 1967. The seat of the school is located in a historical building – Manor house – that was the seat of the Slovak bishop Štefan Moyses (1797 – 1869). He was an important representative of Slovak history. Doctor Štefan Moyses was a founder and the first chairman of Matica Slovenska – important educational and cultural institution of the country. His activities were famous and important also beyond the borders of Slovakia. His message “to work for the nation and for national unity” will be always actual and addressed to all generations.
During the period of 1967 – 2005 there were more than 4,100 graduates. Many of them are successful in their work and many continue to study at different types of universities.
The school cooperates with various firms, companies, institutions and universities where the students have opportunities to increase their knowledge and develop their skills.
Nowadays the school has 328 students, who take part in different activities. The results of our students’ work are regularly presented in our town, region and state.
After the existence of Business Academy apart from 1st September our school change its name .
Now we became the Private Business Academy and started a new way to our further succesful existence.
Number of Pupils: 120pupils (6 classes) -
Number of Grades: 1st – 4th grade
Number of teaching staff: 15 teachers
Final Qualification: School leaving exam - maturita

Main Goal in Education:
1. PC and the foreign languages abilities
2. Knowledge ability applying in real life, which the students gain through education.
3. Ability to adapt to the labour force and the conditions of the society.
Innovative Projects (only headlines):
2. “Project Austria – Slovakia” Tulln (Austria) – training firms
3. Practical school leaving exam in professional subjects (bookkeeping, PC – skills, correspondence, alternative task in foreign language) The whole exam is written on PC.
4. European school development project - ESDP
5. Bridges across boundaries – Socrates – Comenius 1 project / about self - evaluation in European school
Compulsory subjects:
Slovak language and literature
Foreign language (English, German, French, Russian)
Biology and Ecology
Physical education
Computer study
Administration and correspondence
Economic calculation and statistics
Science of commodities
Law – Theory of justice
Economics exercises
Social communication

Optional subjects: students can choose from many subjects, but only two or three subjects in the third and in the fourth grade. The second foreign language must be chosen in the first grade.

Second foreign language (English, German, French, Russian)
Conversation in foreign language
Foreign language for business purpose
Mathematics exercises
Mathematical and natural science seminar
Computer technology seminar
Applied economy

Students can participate in some competitions and activities during school year:

Olympiad in foreign languages (German, English)
Regional competition of reading poesy and poetry
Competition – Young bookkeeper
Competition in typing
Secondary school research work – project work
Mathematics competitions as KLOKAN and correspondence maths seminar MAKS
Olympiad in mathematics
Sports competitions: athletics, swimming, chess, table tennis, mini football, basketball, and volleyball,darts

Material and technical equipment of our school:
- five computer classrooms with local computer net and with connection on Internet
- one language classrooms
- two classrooms for training firms
- one classroom for Ethics
- school canteen

Traditional school actions:
- Matriculation party for new students
- Economical ball
- Green ribbon party
- Fair of training firms
- Sports day